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You Have Time

Living in the middle of a pandemic has caused many changes to the lifestyle of an ordinary person. The sudden lockdown has forced us to stay at home, with almost nothing to do. Also, because of the “extra time” given to us, many people have been saying to utilize this time to pick up a hobby or work on something which will grow your talent or skillset. I say it is ok to take a break. Worrying about this virus and what it could do has for sure added unwanted stress. If you have been overworked or overly stressed because of this or any other situation, then I suggest you stop doing whatever you’re doing, take a breath, and relax. You have been given extra time, but not necessarily to work harder or expand your skillset, maybe just to lean back and focus on yourself. Instead of constantly studying or working, reread your favorite book. Watch a movie with your family. Video call your friends. Blast music and have a dance party by yourself. Bake those cookies that you’ve always wanted to but

never could because you didn’t have the time. Because now, you do have the time.

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