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You're a Man Now

Why are things moving so fast? I can't cope with this. it's all too much. what do I do? how do I get rid of all my problems, my stress, my pain, my anxie-no. stop. STOP. you can't cry. hold back those tears. don't let your emotions get the best of you, because you are no longer a boy, you are no longer the child who could cry to throw your problems away. you are no longer that, small, weak, boy. You're a man now. you can't show emotion. You can't cry. you can't ever let anything hurt you. so, you turn that sorrow, that pain, that stress, into anger. you hurt the things around you, the people around you, you burden yourself with society's expectations from you, until you hurt yourself, to the point where you are no longer yourself. to the point where your frustration, that you could have so easily cried out, or talked out, then, have turned you into an emotionless, heartless, monster. Although you're a man now. so, you live with it. you live with the tall, unbreakable walls that you have built around yourself. you seem strong on the outside but the years of emotional restraint behind those walls, have shattered you on the inside. you forgot how it felt to be happy.

you're a man now. and you're numb to the world.

you're a man now. and you've forgotten how to smile.

you're a man now.

and actually, it's totally ok to cry


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