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Worthless Judgement

They called me incapable, the girl who won’t go to college all because of my appearance, my clothes, and because I’m friended with some guys. I used to think that teenagers have the freedom of choosing what to wear. Although you have constantly been proving me wrong. If I wear a short skirt/top, I'm straight away labeled one of those cruel words. It honestly makes me wonder how can you jump to such strong conclusions from JUST ONE INSIGNIFICANT FIRST GLANCE? How do I instantly become any of these words by just wearing my choice of clothing? Or by just showing you my face?

Is it right for a 13-year child to be called all these words? Have you ever thought about what effects this might have on that 13-year old child? Let me tell you. Due to all your judgment (not just your slut-shaming), I covered my face in all my pictures, stopped wearing the clothes I liked, started hurting myself, wore multiple masks, and now I don’t know who I am. I’m still scared to post a picture on my Instagram wearing something I like. It hurts to be called ugly, dumb, or a slut over and over again. You don’t understand there’s so much more to me than what you see. I care about my studies. I talk to guys cause they’re my friends. I wear clothes I like because I like it, not for your entertainment.

What is even worse is when well-educated elders judge teenagers on their every move, make worthless assumptions about them. You think this is not an important problem. It's people's "opinion," you say. It's high time you understand opinion and judgment are two different things. This has nothing to do with the gender it's wrong fro anyone to judge people on these worthless factors.

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